Create a coaching culture with AZED

AZED is the first platform bringing the benefits of personalized executive coaching to employees at all levels.

High-quality evidence-based coaching

All AZED coaches are certified by independent institutes

Transform lives, grow careers

AZED Coach Jens Stein: „For years, I work with senior executives and emerging leaders, both challenging and supporting them to fulfil their potential.“
„We invest heavily in the development of our employees. Personalized coaching was the logical next step to prepare for digitization. Thankfully with AZED, we were able to implement personalized coaching lean and effective.“ Elvira Ludewig

“Every board member has a coach. AZED helped us to bring the benefits of personalized coaching also to the middle management. Now more than 40 managers and high potentials work with a personal AZED coach.“ Marc Brosand

How AZED works!

Continuous improvement requires measurable results


An advanced algorithm matches your employees with best fitting coaches. They pick out of three options the coach they want to work with.


Expert coaches guide the development of your employees. Thorough analysis and goal setting results in an individualised coaching plan.


In weekly video sessions and through microlearning exercises, the coaches and your employees work toward their individual and the company’s goal.


In regular intervals measurement and progress evaluation help see the development to lasting behavior change.

Why AZED works!

Executive-level personalized coaching available at scale

Personalised, goal orientated & need-based

Match people with coaches best suited to their personality

Evidence-based coaching strategies

Focus on sustainable behavior change